Announcing the details of our 2015 Austin Cyclocross Cup Team Championship. You in? #WeLoveCXTeams #WillYourTeamWin #ForTheLoveofCross

Announcing our 2015 Austin Cyclocross Cup Team Championship Details

We are excited to announce our first Austin Cyclocross Cup Team Championship. Teams can compete for the Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Team Championship by earning points at all six Austin Cyclocross Cup Series races for 2015.  Participating teams will accumulate points using the Austin Cyclocross Cup point system at each race based on their ranking at each of the race events. Team rankings will be determined by the points earned by up to 5 individual and unique riders at each race.   If a rider scores points in two races during one race day, use their best result and only submit one result per rider.


  • For each team, points are earned by the top five placings by its riders on that race day. The riders earning points do not need to be the same at each race.
  • Teams with less than five rider earning placings are still eligible to participate.
  • The individual points earned by each of the five qualifying riders on each team will be totaled and the teams will ranked for that day’s race based on these points.
  • The team with the highest total score at the end of the series is the winner.
  • A tie for first place will be broken based on the best point total at the last race in the series.
  • Team competition leaders will be announced prior to each of the individual race dates. The Team Series Champion will be announced at the end of Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Celebration, “PARTY”. Our ATX CX Cup series celebration will happen on, Thursday, November 19th at Bicycle World (formerly Jack & Adam’s.) on 300 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (512) 472-5646. We will have food, beverages and awesome door prizes from our great sponsors. More details will be posted soon.
  • Important: To participate, each team member must be registered under its USA Cycling team prior to each event.

Example of the teams results/points for top 5 rider per day:

  • Rider 1:  John Juan Ring, Singlespeed Open, 5th place. 38 Points
  • Rider 2:  Mark Sandbagger, Men Cat 4 , 1st place. 60 points
  • Rider 3:  Jeff Big Gear, Men 40+ 1/2/3, 2nd place. 53 points
  • Rider 4:  Katie Bad Ass, Women 1/2/3, 1st place. 60 points
  • Rider 5:  Sebastian Next Big Thing, U10 Boys, 2nd place. 53 points

Total Team Point for the day= 264

Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Team Award basket items as of September 7, 2015:

  • 1 Bottle of Treaty Oak Distilling Co. Rum.
  • 1 Bottle of Deep Eddy Vodka.
  • 1 Case of HighBrewCoffee.
  • 1 Box of Nuun Hydration + Water Bottles.
  • 1 Clif Bar Wind Vest.
  • 1 ClifShot Jug of Recovery Drink, and
  • 1 ClifShot Jug of During Activity Drink.

Many more to be announced soon… Are you interested in being part of this Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Team Award basket? Send us an email at

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