2017 Rentsch Brewery Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Point Individual & Team Leaders

2017 Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Point Individual & Team Leaders

After the Georgetown Cyclocross Festival we have now those who are leading the 2017 Rentsch Brewery Austin Cyclocross Cup Series. Will they be able to hold the small margin lead? Who will win the champions jersey?

It will be decided at our 2nd and final stop of our series, The WusrtCross Festival Benefiting, New Braunfels Parks Foundation on November 11th & 12th. All racers will get a free entry to one day of the iconic WurstFest.

Register today at www.atxcxcup.com/wurstcross-cyclocross.

Individual standing after the Georgetown Cyclocross Festival

  • Master Men 40+: Brent Turner, Cantu Cycling Wheels
  • Junior Boy U19: Tyler Fiker
  • Master Men 50+: Martin Soetaert, Rol Wheels
  • Master Men 60+: Whitney Fanning, Geri Atrix
  • Master Women 40+ 4/5: Shelley Egli
  • Men 3: Conner Chathan, 787 Racing
  • Single Speed Men: Matt Demartino, Team Yacht Club
  • Women 4/5: Tie between the following riders
    • Emily Upshaw, Team Viking Ship, &
    • Rebecca Scaduto, Team Super Awesome
  • Single Speed Women Open: Venny Alub, Cantu Cycling Wheels
  • Junior Girl U19: Kalena Engeling, Yoga Box Racing p/b Transitions LC
  • Junior Boy U15: Grant Wilky, Rol Wheels
  • Junior Girl U15: Rowan Engeling
  • Junior Boy U10: Arturo Aviles, Texas Cyclocross Project
  • Junior Girl U10: Mabel Levy, Texas Cyclocross Project
  • Women  P/1/2/3: Abigail Yates, Matrix/RBM
  • Master Women 40+ 1/2/3: Kim Chance, Matrix/RBM
  • Men  P/1: Matt Stephen, Bicycles Plus Racing
  • Men 2: Jeff Parks, Bicycle Heaven / PVA
  • Men CX 4/5: Patrick Mannon
  • Master Men 40+ 4/5: Matt Stamm, Texas Cyclocross Project

Team standing after the Georgetown Cyclocross Festival

  1. Matrix/RBM with 642 points
  2. Cantu Cycling Wheels with 604 points
  3. 787 Racing with 546 points