Scoring and Rules

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2018 Austin Cyclocross Cup Scoring and Rules


  • Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Champions Jerseys: The Austin Cyclocross Cup Series 2018 Champions Jerseys will be available on both; Adult (male and female cut) and Kids sizes!  Want one? You’ll have to earn it!
  • There are two weekend events/4 races associated with our Austin Cyclocross Cup race series.
  • Each event consists of one or two days of racing, with one race for each category each day.
  • The following race categories are available on each event day:
    • We are excited to announce that for 2017 we will once again have our Austin Cyclocross Cup Team Championship. Teams can compete for the Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Team Championship by earning points at all four Austin Cyclocross Cup Series races for 2018.  Participating teams will accumulate points using the Austin Cyclocross Cup point system at each race based on their ranking at each of the race events. Team rankings will be determined by the points earned by up to 5 individual and unique riders at each race.   If a rider scores points in two races during one race day, use their best result and only submit one result per rider.  More details at
    • Master Men’s 40+ Open
    • Junior Boys U19
    • *Master Men’s 50+ & 60+
    • Master Women 40+ 4/5
    • Men’s CX 3
    • Single Speed Men Open
    • Women 4/5
    • Single Speed Women Open
    • Junior Girls U19
    • *Junior Boys/Girls U15
    • **Junior Boys/Girls U10
    • Kid ‘Cross (9 and under) Fun Ride
    • 12:45-1:10 PM- Course inspection / Course open where not being used by kids course.
    • Women’s  P/1/2/3
      • NEW! Racing the the Women P/1/2/3 will be the Master Women 40+ 1/2/3. Racing together for the same purse. scored separately for the Austin Cyclocross Cup Series point system.
    • Master Women 40+ 1/2/3
    • *Men’s  P/1/ *2
    • Men’s CX 4/5
    • Master Men’s 40+ 4/5
  • Race Duration: The length of races must be as close as possible to:
    • 60 minutes for Men P/1/2
    • 50 minutes for Men Masters 40+, Women 1/2/3, Master Women 1/2/3, Men Single Speed Open, Men Cat 3, 
    • 45 minutes for Men Masters 50, Men Master 60+, Women P/1/2/3,  Junior Boys U15 
    • 40 minutes for Master Men 40+ 4/5, Men 4/5
    • 30 minutes for Women 3/4, Master Women 40+ 3/4, Women Single Speed
    • 20 minutes for Junior Boys/Girls U15
    • 10 minutes for Juniors Boys/Girls U10


  • Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Pass will not be available after the first race of the series occurs.
  • Austin Cyclocross Cup Series individual race entries are not transferable.
  • Call-ups: Call-ups will be based on USAC Ranking.
  • Austin Cyclocross Cup Series Pass will not be available after the first race of the series occurs. Austin Cyclocross Cup Series individual race entries are not transferable.
  • All Austin Cyclocross Cup races are sanctioned by USA Cycling.
  • Participants do not need to register for the Austin Cyclocross Cup.  Participation in any race within the three events of the  Cup series automatically includes the participant in the Cup points standings.
  • All races count towards the Cup points standings.  There are no dropped races.  However, missing a race does not disqualify a participant from the Cup.
  • Cup points standings will be available for each  race category.
  • The participant with the highest number of points at the end of all of the Cup races is the Cup champion.
  • In the event of two participants having the same total of points at the conclusion of the Cup races, the tiebreaker will be the finishing order within the last race of the Cup.


  • 10 points will be awarded to any participant who starts a race.
  • Points will be awarded based upon the order of finish of each race, as follows:
Place Points
1 60
2 53
3 48
4 43
5 38
6 34
7 30
8 26
9 23
10 20
11 17
12 15
13 13
14 12
15 11
16 10
17 9
18 8
19 7
20 6
21 5
22 4
23 3
24 2
25 1

Scoring Examples:

  • A rider who participates in each of the four races, but never places in the top 25 will accumulate a total of 40 points.
  • A rider who participates in one race and finishes in first place will accumulate a total of 70 points.

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